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The Communication Team (CT) has been conceived by the Editor-in-Chief of NDT, Prof. Carmine Zoccali, to promote and share material published in the various ERA-EDTA publications.

Through a dedicated website ( NDT and NDT Educational have a chance to share articles and relevant information with the other CT members, who can in turn take them into consideration and comment about them in the other ERA-EDTA publications. Through easy-to-use conversation threads conceived as blog posts, all Communication Team members are able to add comments and agree on joint publications. (e.g. NDT Educational can publish comments on a relevant NDT publication, and conversely NDT Educational can share congress presentations for NDT review invitations).

The main ERA-EDTA publications are: NDT, NDT Educational, Follow Us, Follow Us Flash, the various working groups’ newsletters.

All ERA-EDTA working groups and other ERA-EDTA specific groups are called upon to participate, including the person responsible for the ERA-EDTA press office. In detail: the working groups, the Registry, ERBP, the Young Nephrologists’ Platform, the ERA-EDTA endorsed working groups.

The Communication Team members meet once a year to evaluate their activities during the annual ERA-EDTA Congress. 

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