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Election of new Ordinary Council Members
- During the General Assembly in Copenhagen in 2018, three Ordinary Council Members must be elected as M. Arici (Turkey), D. Fliser (Germany) and J. Malyszko (Poland) will have completed their terms. The ERA-EDTA Council strongly supports the idea of being as representative and inclusive as possible, thus all Full members, in particular women and young members, are encouraged to participate actively in the election of the three new Council members, both by submitting their candidatures and/or voting for the election of the new members. If you are interested in becoming a candidate for election to Ordinary Council Member, please submit your online candidacy application before 9 February, 2018.

IMPORTANT! Please note that according to the current ERA-EDTA Constitution, no French or Italian candidates can be accepted for Ordinary Council Membership election since the current Council will already have two members from these Countries in 2018. (France: The Chair of the Registry, Prof. Ziad Massy and the NDT Editor in Chief, Prof. Denis Fouque; Italy: the President of the Association, Prof. Carmine Zoccali and one Ordinary Member, GianBattista Capasso).

If you are interested in applying for an Ordinary Council Member position, please complete the appropriate form  before 9 February 2018. All candidates must be full members of the ERA-EDTA and proposals for election must be accompanied by supporting letters obtained from two other full ERA-EDTA members. All applications must complete the online CV (1 page), submit a recent photograph as well as include details of what you would hope to achieve if you were elected as a Council Member (max 150 words). Finally, but very important, applicants must also complete the Disclosure of Interest form online.

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