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ERA-EDTA Ordinary Council Member Elections

During the General Assembly, two ordinary Council Members must be elected. The following candidacies have been proposed to the Secretary-Treasurer:
(listed below in alphabetical order according to last name)

Inga Arune Bumblyte – Lithuania CV
Mario Cozzolino – Italy CV
Ronald Gansevoort – Netherlands CV
Hans-Peter Marti – Norway CV
Gyorgy Reusz – Hungary CV
Serhan Tuglular – Turkey CV

Voting will open from 15 May to 15 June 2019 until 09.30 (CEST)
All Full members of the ERA-EDTA will be able to vote for a maximum of two (2) candidates and will receive, in due time, the instructions on how to vote. Only electronic voting will be available.
Please note that voting credentials (username/password) can be retrieved from the voting section of the ERA-EDTA website. The system has been designed to ensure that once a vote has been cast, he/she will not be able to vote a second time.
Starting this year, the voting station will not be available during the annual congress, thus at the Hungexpo in Budapest, all Full members, eligible for voting, must in any case retrieve the voting credentials directly from the restricted area of the ERA-EDTA Website.

Ex-officio nominations

The ERA-EDTA Council at its last meeting (February 21-23, 2019) nominated the three ex-officio officers mentioned below whose term will begin in 2020. They must be ratified at the General Assembly in Budapest. They should normally participate in the Council for one year before taking office (Milan 2020) with voice but without vote:

ERA-EDTA President – C. Wanner (Germany)
ERA-EDTA Secretary-Treasurer – I. Rychlik (Czech Republic)
2nd term 2020-2023
NDT Editor-in-Chief – D. Fouque (France)
2nd term 2020-2023

Will be held Saturday 15 June, 2019, 9.30-10.45, in room G2A at the Hungexpo, Budapest (Hungary)

All ERA-EDTA members are invited to participate in the General Assembly.
Access is open to current members only: please have your ERA-EDTA membership card with you to allow entry to the meeting (access to the meeting room will be monitored).
The membership card can be downloaded from the ERA-EDTA website (restricted area): please login and then click on the section “Membership documents and information”

Full ERA-EDTA members have voice and vote during the meeting. Associate ERA-EDTA members have voice, but cannot vote.

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