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ERA-EDTA launches new Activation Committees

ERA-EDTA is a very vibrant and active Society with continually growing and diversified activities. ERA-EDTA is serving a great geographical area with many different countries. These countries have considerable disparity in terms of economy, resources, health care systems and expenditure, as well as disease incidence and prevalence. They have also different degrees of representation in the ERA-EDTA Council and other ERA-EDTA bodies. In order to increase the interaction with these countries which during the last years were not represented in ERA-EDTA Council or other structures and to receive more new suggestions and ideas to fulfil the local needs of all ERA-EDTA member countries, Activation Committees representing several regions have been installed. These committees will enrich the dynamism and diversity of the ERA-EDTA activities. The Activation Committees  members should communicate among themselves by e-mail or teleconferences and once a year during the face to face meeting during the ERA-EDTA Annual Congresses, to answer Council’s eventual questions as well as:

- implement Council’s decisions;
- talk about regional problems and new ideas which should then be transmitted to Council;
- help Council in selecting good candidates for the various ERA-EDTA Committees from their regions;
- distribute, through their local contacts, important information coming from ERA-EDTA Council and its various committees (ERBP; WGs; Registry; YNP; etc.) which will also include all the Society’s initiatives and opportunities

Once a year each Activation Committee chairperson will send a report to the Council describing the activity of each particular Group.  After 3 years ERA-EDTA Council will evaluate the composition of the Committees and check whether any countries should be added or removed from the Committee in case they have their representative elected to the Council or other ERA-EDTA bodies’ leaderships.

During the last Council meeting 3 ERA-EDTA Activation Committees (EAC) were formed and their chairpersons elected.

Prof. Aivars Petersons

Prof. Aivars Petersons

a)    EAC for Northern Europe consists of the following countries:  Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Norway, Chairperson: Prof. Aivars Petersons from Riga (Latvia).

Prof.  Jaroslav Rosenberger

Prof. Jaroslav Rosenberger

b)    EAC for Central Europe consists of the following countries: Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Russia, Georgia, Chairperson: Prof.  Jaroslav Rosenberger from Bratislava (Slovak Republic).

Prof. Petar Kes

Prof. Petar Kes

c)    EAC for Southern Europe and the Mediterranean Region consists of the following countries: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Kosovo, Egypt, Chairperson: Prof. Petar Kes from Zagreb (Croatia).


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