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In 2010 the ERA-EDTA Council decided to create the “ERA-EDTA Awards”.

The first ERA-EDTA Awards were given in 2011 during the opening ceremony of the Prague Congress.

Normally there will be three Awards given each year, during the opening ceremony of the annual ERA-EDTA Congress:

a. Outstanding scientific achievements;
b. Stanley Shaldon award for young investigators;
c. Outstanding contributions to ERA-EDTA.

The ERA-EDTA Council has created an Award Committee that will help the ERA-EDTA Council decide the winners of the Awards according to the current regulations.

The current ERA-EDTA Award Committee is composed of:

ERA-EDTA President - Chair: Zoccali, Carmine (Italy)

  1. Bolignano, Davide (Italy)
  2. Coppo, Rosanna (Italy)
  3. Fliser, Danilo (Germany)
  4. Fox, Jonathan (United Kingdom)
  5. Malyszko, Jolanta (Poland)
  6. Tesar, Vladimir (Czech Republic) 
  7. Wiecek, Andrzej (Poland)


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