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ERA-EDTA Educational Programme

Have a look at the list of CME Courses

The need of continuous up-dating for Doctors working in the fields of Nephrology, Dialysis and Transplantation is one of the missions of ERA-EDTA. The series of Courses disseminated in several Western and Eastern EU Countries, as well as Countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea is an extremely useful and successful initiative!
Members of the ERA-EDTA Committee for CME activities:

Loreto Gesualdo (Chairman)
Danilo Fliser
Sandrine Florquin
David Lappin
Rainer Oberbauer
Mai Ots-Rosenberg 
Gyorgy Reusz
Who can submit a CME proposal? ERA-EDTA full members can submit a proposal for CME to be held within the area of interest of the Association (European countries and countries bordering Europe and the Mediterranean Sea).
When is the deadline for applications? For courses organized in the 1st semester of the year, proposals must be submitted by June 15. For CME courses organized in the 2nd semester of 2017, proposals must be submitted by December 15.
What does the ERA-EDTA offer? ERA-EDTA support consists in travelling and living costs (when applicable) for a maximum of three faculty speakers.
Carefully read the new regulations on CME activities.
CME proposal can only be submitted electronically (no CME proposal sent via email will be accepted) at




For further information, do not hesitate to send an email to

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