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ERA-EDTA Endorsed Working Groups


This endorsement is given to existing Working Groups of other Societies/Associations that have similar objectives to ERA-EDTA.
The ERA-EDTA will establish a working relationship with the existing WG provided that representation within the core group of the WG for ERA-EDTA is given.
If ERA-EDTA will allocate funding to the WG this must be for specific matters and must be annually approved by the Council.
All Endorsed WGs must be mentioned in this appendix with a brief summary of the mutual benefits.

a. EUTox agrees to have two ERA-EDTA representatives within its core group with the same voting rights.
b. One of the representatives will be the ERA-EDTA President and will follow the terms of his/her role (i.e. will change every three years).
c. The second representative will be chosen by the ERA-EDTA Council, by secrete vote, among the existing EUTox members. He/she must be a Full ERA-EDTA member. The proposal of a maximum number of three names will be suggested by the ERA-EDTA President to the Council after he/she has access to the EUTox membership list. The elected representative will remain an ERA-EDTA representative in EUTox according to EUTox regulations.
d. ERA-EDTA agrees to give EUTox a slot during its annual Congress for a symposium.
e. ERA-EDTA agrees to help finance two EUTox Educational events a year (with financial support similar to the one given up to two ERA-EDTA CME Courses or with the reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses for three speakers).
Members of EUTox Work Group


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