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ERA-EDTA Social Media Team Call


Would you like to be part of our @ERAEDTA Social Media Team? Would you like to improve the dissemination of information to the Nephrology world and wider communities? If so, read on!

The ERA-EDTA is forming a Social Media Team as part of its communication strategy to help  improve our ability to engage with members and disseminate information effectively. We believe that as a member of this team, you will have an exciting and dynamic opportunity to engage with the Nephrology world and wider communities.

We need you to be part of this team to help shape Social Media communication to our members. There is an open call to join our Social Media Team, launched now, for all interested ERA-EDTA Members (category A and B) who are active on Social Media!

There will be two main roles initially:

During the Annual ERA-EDTA Congress Social Media Team Members will actively participate in the Congress Coverage on Social Media, especially on Twitter.

Throughout the year the Social Media Team members will share ERA-EDTA Social Media posts and tweets and will collaborate with the Electronic Communication Committee (ECC) and lead Twitter Chats alongside the new ERA-EDTA Dialogues.

If you are interested in being part of the ERA-EDTA Social Media team please read these rules:

The application form can be found here and should be sent via e-mail to

The Social Media Team Call deadline is March 31, 2019.

Kate Stevens

ECC Chair





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