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ERA-EDTA YNP Advisory Program

The YNP Board is pleased to present the ERA-EDTA YNP Advisory Program.

This program aims to support young professionals to improve and build a successful career in Nephrology. It consists of an exchange of experiences between the participants. The advisee is a developing junior professional or trainee, and is paired with an advisor, a senior professional who has experience in the area that the advisee is interested. 

Both the advisor and the advisee should be ERA-EDTA members, and the advisee should also be member of the YNP. Advisors and advisees can apply for the ERA-EDTA YNP Advisory Program year-round. The length of the program should not exceed twelve months with a time commitment of approximately 3-4 hours per month. Communication will be maintained via electronic means.

Click here to access the Board of Advisors. 


It is a unique opportunity to spread knowledge and generate contacts within the ERA-EDTA Society, promoting skills and talents on both sides. You can be part of it by becoming an Advisee or Advisor !

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