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EuroPD CME Videos


ERA-EDTA launches EuroPD Online Peritoneal Dialysis CPD videos

As part of the collaboration between ERA-EDTA and EuroPD we are delighted to announce that EuroPD CME videos in Peritoneal Dialysis will be available online and free to ERA-EDTA members. This will make professionally edited expert content (EuroPD Masterclasses, Debates, Lectures and CPD content) from previous EuroPD meetings ( available online for the first time.

World-renowned experts in the field give in-depth Masterclasses and lectures on state-of-the-art subjects in peritoneal dialysis. These videos are aimed at the expert PD audience willing to learn from the practicing experts in the field but also at PD trainees and those without experience in the subject to understand the basic principles underpinning the therapy and how it can be utilised more widely to treat renal insufficiency. Although the Masterclasses are designed specifically to assist the PD specialist for advanced practice, they also provide those in training with an update on the latest knowledge and advances in practical peritoneal dialysis topics.

EuroPD CME videos thus address both the beginner, the trainee and the advanced practitioner depending on the track followed and the EuroPD debates are designed to review major topics in the field including the latest scientific advances that impact on PD therapy.

In the first set of videos we will explore Masterclasses topics in 'Adequacy in Peritoneal Dialysis' presented by Professor Wim van Biesen (from Gent, Belgium) and 'Catheter Implantation' by the late Professor Alain Slingeneyer (1) (from Montpellier, France).

The subject of biocompatibility is explored in two linked CPD videos from Professor Achim Jörres (Berlin, Germany) discussing the basic science of the subject (bench) and Professor David Johnson (Brisbane, Australia) presenting data from the BalANZ® and other recent clinical studies and meta-analysis (bedside).

Finally a EuroPD Masterclass a presentation on 'Exit Site Care in PD" by Professor Monika Lichodziejewska-Niemierko (Gdańsk, Poland)

Future videos planned for release later in 2015 include:

'Peritoneal Membrane Testing" an dvanced CPD session on by Professor Olof Heimburger (Stockholm, Sweden).

'PD prescription' a CPD session on by Professor Simon Davies (Stoke-on-Trent, UK).

'PD Catheter revitalisation' a unique EuroPD Masterclass by the late Professor Alain Slingeneyer (Montpellier, France).

Research presentations by:

Professor Manuel Lopez-Cabrera 'EMT- implications for peritoneal fibrosis'

Professor Janusz Witowski 'Biomarkers in Peritoneal Dialysis'

In order to view the videos, ERA-EDTA members must enter their username and password in the ERA-EDTA homepage restricted area. Once logged in, click on the button "EuroPD eCME Videos" on the red menu.


(1) This outstanding Masterclass video by Alain Slingeneyer (1947-2014) was recorded in 2013 and presents a 'tour de force' in this subject area, one where he was the undoubted world-expert. Alain's lectures always packed the auditorium. Whilst Alain approved the project he did not live to see it completed but we in the EuroPD Committee believe that it provides a living testament to his memory and the legacy of his humanity, joie de vivre and his expertise in the area that we are sure he would want to pass on to future generations of PD practitioners.

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