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European Commission launches database for scientific experts

European Commission launches database for scientific experts in the field of health

European Commission launches database for scientific experts in the field of health, consumer safety and the environment

 IMPORTANT: This new initiative by the European Commission provides an opportunity for EKHA leaders as well as experts from national societies to participate in the shaping of EU policy on issues linked with kidney disease, as well as chronic diseases generally and disease risk factors. We would recommend interested EKHA members, thus also ERA-EDTA members, to register on the database.

The European Commission has launched a database for interested scientists to register in order to contribute to the work of the European Commission’s Scientific Committees in the new 2016-2021 term. Scientists would be involved on an ad hoc basis on specific issues, as external experts, members of working group or for scientific hearings and workshops.  
Selection criterial include good command of English, holding a university degree in a relevant scientific area preferably at postgraduate level.

More information on the fields of competences and practicalities is available in the EU Decision C(2015) 5383 on establishing Scientific Committees in the fields of public health and consumer safety and the Rules of Procedure.
The Scientific Committee  which is likely to be most relevant to EKHA members is that on Health, Environmental and Emerging Risks (SCHEER)

Examples of areas of activity include potential risks associated with antimicrobial resistance, new technologies such as nanotechnologies, medical devices including those incorporating substances of  human origin, tissue engineering, blood products, fertility reduction, physical hazards such as noise and electromagnetic fields, interaction of risk factors, synergic effects, cumulative effects, and methodologies for assessing new risks. It may also be invited to address risks related to public health determinants and non-communicable (chronic) diseases.

To register, interested individuals need to fill out the online application form here, providing a CV and list of publications in attachment.


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