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Gyorgy Reusz

  What I would hope to achieve as an Ordinary Council Member
Having served as a national society president in the past 8 years, I could follow the changes in
nephrology and the efforts of ERA-EDTA to adapt to this these challenges. I would like to support the President and the council of ERA-EDTA in strengthening the relationship with the National Societies.
In this respect, I consider of crucial importance to recognize regional similarities, as the basis for
cross-regional cooperation; and regional differences, helping us to appreciate each other's
activities. My research on hypertension and cardiovascular diseases in CKD and after transplantation could help to build stronger relationships with other organisations and societies. Overall, we must not forget that ultimately, all our activities should be directed towards improving patient care.
Full Name Prof Gyorgy Reusz
Nationality Hungary
Education 1973 Diplome de Bachelier, Aix-en-Marseille; 1980: Medical Diploma, Scholarships: 1984: Dialysis, Berlin, Charité; 1986 CVVH techniques Vienna; 1989-1990 Humboldt grant, Hannover; 1996: Tempus fellowship, Heidelberg, Rotterdam Skills:Pediatrics, Nephrology; Hypertonology; Expert in transplantation medicine (UEMS).
Career 1980-1984:resident; 1994-1997:associate professor, 2003- professor; at Semmelweis University.
Academic degrees: 1992. PhD; 1999 DSc at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
Accomplishments During a “Humboldt” fellowship in Hannover, I have described the mechanism of nephrocalcinosis in children with XLH. I was member of the international group establishing normal values for 24h
ABPM. We have also established pediatric reference values for pulse wave velocity and evaluated
cardiovascular changes in uremic and transplanted children.We are also taking part in international registry studies (ERA-EDTA and ESPN registry, ESPN CKD-MBD working group). total number of papers 226, citations 2393 Hirsch index 26, g index 46
Publications (peer reviewed publications, first or senior author)
- 5 most important
Reusz G et al: Reference Values of Pulse Wave Velocity...;HYPERTENSION 56:217-224.2010.Cit:118; Karoly E. Reusz G:Heat shock protein 72 gene polymorphism and toll-like receptor 4 mutation are associated with increased risk of urinary tract infection....PEDIATRIC
CHILDREN.PEDIATR NEPHROL9:39-44,1995,Cit:71; Reusz GS, et al:24-HOUR
OF DIS. IN CHILDHOOD 70:90-94.1994:cit:68; Reusz G et al:Evidence suggesting hyperoxaluria as a cause of nephrocalcinosis..., Lancet 1990;335:1240-43Cit:43 total number of papers 226, citations 2393 Hirsch index 26, g index 46
Awards 1994 “Else Kröner” award (German Soc. of Pediatric Nephrol.); 1995.“Jendrassik” award
(Semmelweis University); 2004-2005 “Pál Heim” and “Ferdinand Demand” awards, and Honorary
membership (Slovak Pediatric Society); 2009 “Korányi” award (Hung. Soc. of Nephrol.); 2013 Award of the Hung. Soc. of Hypertension; 2014 “Physician of the year” (Hungarian); 2016 The Officer Cross of the Republic of Hungary
Contributions to the ERA-EDTA
and/or to national/ international nephrology
From 1996 onwards, I’m training young nephrologists and PhD students at Semmelweis Univ. I’m
lecturer in CME courses (ESPN and IPNA). As president of the Hung. Soc. of N phrology I
participated in the elaboration of national guide-lines (aHUS, dialysis, transplantation), and in the
adaptation of the ERA-EDTA guide-lines into Hungarian. I’m editorial board member of Pediatric
Nephrology, Pediatric Transplantation, Kidney and Blood Pressure Research. I’m reviewer and
writing editorial comments for journals including Hypertension, Journal of Hypertension, NDT,
Transplant International. Together with the President of ERA-EDTA and the scientific committee I’m working hard – as the president of the congress - to make the 56th Congress in Budapest a success.


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