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Hans-Peter Marti

Hans-Peter Marti What I would hope to achieve as an Ordinary Council Member
Nephrology first! – To increase the awareness of the ERA-EDTA in the medical profession and and
in the general public through national and European initiatives. Make nephrology great again! – To
ensure that nephrology continues to be an attractive discipline for young doctors. To work towards
the establishment of a “European Kidney Biopsy Registry” to maximally exploit the clinical and
scientific use of archival renal biopsies. This task will also be based on our local experience with the
Norwegian Kidney Biopsy Registry (founded in 1988).
Full Name Prof Hans-Peter Marti
Nationality Norway
Education 1976-1982: Medical School, Univ. of Basel, Switzerland & Univ. of Otago, New Zealand (NZ). 1984
ECFMG (USA). 1989/1992: Board certification Internal Medicine & Nephrology, Switzerland. 2003:
Assoc. Professor, Univ. of Bern, Switzerland. 2011: Fellow ASN. 2009-2011: Course, Management in
Health Care. Univ. of St. Gallen, Switzerland.
Career 1982-1989: House Surgeon/Registrar in NZ and Switzerland. 1992-2003: Senior
Registrar/Consultant at Univ. Hospitals of Zurich & Bern. 2003-2004: Senior researcher, INSERM
U702, Hôpital Tenon, Paris, France. 2004-2011: Consultant/Deputy Director, Nephrology, Univ.
Hospitals of Zurich & Bern. 2010: Consultant, Nephrology, Dunedin Hospital, Univ. of Otago, NZ.
2011-2013: Director, Dept. of Medicine, Bürgerspital, Solothurn, Switzerland. Since 2013: Full
Professor of Nephrology, Dept. of Medicine, Haukeland Univ. Hospital & Univ. of Bergen, Norway.
Accomplishments 2005 Foreign Expert, Evaluation of INSERM U507, Hôpital Necker, Paris. 2007-2009 Medical
Director, Swisstransplant, Bern. 2007-2011: Director, Transplant Centre; co-director/founding
member Clinical Trials Unit, Univ. of Bern. 2008: Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences, guidelines for
live donation of solid organs, member. Since 2013: Oslo Health Region: member of grant review
committee. Since 2014: ISN, member of Regional Board Western Europe. Until 2019: Main
supervision of postdocs (n=6), PhD students (n=15). 1992-2019: Competitive grants > 8.5 million
Publications (peer reviewed publications, first or senior author)
- 5 most important
1. Lods N, et al. ACEI but not ARB regulates matrix metalloproteinase activity in glomerulonephritis.
JASN, 14(11):2861, 2003. 2. Tuffin G, et al. Immunotargeting of liposomes to mesangial cells for
directed drug delivery. JASN, 16(11):3295, 2005. 3. Rödder S, et al. Renal Allografts with IF/TA
Display Distinct Expression Profiles of Metzincins and Related Genes. AJT, 9(3):517, 2009. 4.
Roedder S, et al. Meta-analyses qualify metzincins and related genes as acute rejection markers in
renal transplants. AJT, 10(2):286, 2010. 5. Eikrem O, et al. Transcriptome Sequencing enables
utilization of Formalin-Fixed, Paraffin-Embedded Biopsies. PLOS ONE, Feb 22;11(2):e0149743,
Awards 1989-1992: Research Fellowship, David H. Lovett, Nephrology, University of California at San
Francisco, USA. Funding: Swiss National Science Foundation. 2000: Heinrich-Wirz Research Prize,
Swiss Society of Nephrology. 2007: Pfizer Research-Prize in Basic Research in Nephrology &
Urology. 2013: Honorary Doctorate, Medical Univ. of Varna, Bulgaria; kidney transplant program.
2016: Fulbright Scholarship for M. Sekulic, Univ. of Minnesota, USA, to work in Bergen.
Contributions to the ERA-EDTA
and/or to national/ international nephrology
2003-2005: President of the Swiss Society of Nephrology. 1999-2013: Co-chair of the program to
introduce kidney transplantation at the Medical University of Varna, Varna, Bulgaria. Since 2014:
International Society of Nephrology: Member of Regional Board Western Europe. Since 2019:
President of the Norwegian Society of Hypertension.
Other Languages: German, English, French, Norwegian, and Italian.


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