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In memory of Dr Guy Laurent (1935-2018)

Dear colleagues,

Dr Guy Laurent passed away a few days ago in his home of Tassin, France. He was 83 yo. Dr Laurent has been a pioneer of chronic hemodialysis therapy in France in the early sixties. He was the founder of the Tassin dialysis unit in 1969 where he and his colleagues treated patients with long-hour dialysis 3x8 hours per week with normal blood pressure without drugs and very good survival rate published in Charra et al (KI 1992). His experience has triggered the thoughts about dialysis time and frequency to improve the high death rate among dialysis patients. He was very close to patients, always looking to relieve them from the ESKD burden. He pushed them to go for home dialysis; he pushed them to go back to work. In the sixties many companies refused to readmit or employ dialysis patients. Dr Laurent founded the Société Materiels Annexes de Dialyse (SMAD) where dialysis patients were employed to produce shunts and tubings for their own therapy. This company has thrived and has now more than 600 employees. When the first dialysis patients he had treated in the sixties lost their autonomy he created a nursing home for them. Low salt diet, strict volume control, good nutrition, fistulas built by the nephrologists, dialysis time and holistic management of the patients were the pillars of his concept of dialysis adequacy. Dr Guy Laurent was a generous man who always welcome warmly the visitors in the Tassin unit. In 1991, considering that dialysis therapy was marginalised in nephrology meetings, he created the Société Francophone de Dialyse. This controversial initiative has efficiently contributed to bring back dialysis therapy in the main topics of national meetings and in research projects. We loose an exceptional figure of  our community.

Charles Chazot, MD, NephroCare Tassin-Charcot, 7 Avenue Foch, 69110 Sainte Foy les Lyon, France
Guillaume Jean, MD, NephroCare Tassin-Charcot, 7 Avenue Foch, 69110 Sainte Foy les Lyon, France


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