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The number of patients with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) is constantly rising: in fact most of us will develop CKD if we live long enough!

It is a fact that CKD is increasing as a worldwide mortality cause, as opposed to other "big" causes of death which are actually decreasing.

The socioeconomic impact regarding CKD is extremely relevant: in fact CKD is more frequent in low socioeconomic status populations and also the mortality from CKD is higher in these populations.

Research and education on CKD are needed to slow this new pandemic. This is the MISSION  of the ERA-EDTA that with many initiatives, linked to education (i.e. Young Fellowship Program; ERA-EDTA Registry; CME program; etc.) and research (eight Working Groups; etc.), is constantly trying to educate nephrologists and help research in the field to benefit the patients. YOU can help through a DONATION to the ERA EDTA.
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