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Listed below you will find a short summary of different problems that you may have with reference to the exact address you should contact to find a rapid solution to your problem. To see the various addresses please visit the section Contacts. For any other kind of problem regarding the Association that is not included in the list below please contact the ERA-EDTA President, we will be glad to assist you in giving you the proper information to solve your problem as quickly as possible.

Any comments or suggestions President
Candidatures for Council Secretary-Treasurer
Retirements and Resignations from the Association Renal Science Chair and Chairperson of the Administrative Offices
Request for Senior Membership ERA-EDTA Membership Office
Address changes of Presidents of National Society of Nephrology ERA-EDTA HQ-Secretariat
ERA-EDTA Highlights ERA-EDTA HQ-Secretariat
ERA-EDTA Endorsements ERA-EDTA HQ-Secretariat
ERA-EDTA National Grants ERA-EDTA HQ-Secretariat
Membership changes of mailing address/personal contact info Membership Office
Annual membership fee Membership Office
Application, Membership Payment and Junior Application Forms Membership Office
Problems with the mailing of the NDT/CKJ Journals Membership Office
Annual membership card Membership Office
Receipts for annual membership fee payment Membership Office
ERA-EDTA Number and NDT/CKJ subscription Number Membership Office
Username and Password for ERA-EDTA Restricted Libraries Membership Office
Abstracts information ERA-EDTA HQ - Abstracts
Congress registrations ERA-EDTA HQ - Registrations
Receipts for Congress Registration fees ERA-EDTA HQ - Registrations
Information regarding Congress Grants ERA-EDTA HQ - Abstracts
Problems with the ERA-EDTA websites ERA-EDTA HQ - Website
NDT-Educational ERA-EDTA HQ - NDT-Edu
ERA-EDTA CME Courses ERA-EDTA HQ - Education
ERA-EDTA CME Courses Travel Grants ERA-EDTA HQ - Education
ERA-EDTA CME Courses - Videoconferencing ERA-EDTA HQ - Education
ERA-EDTA Working Groups ERA-EDTA HQ - Working Groups
European Renal Best Practice (ERBP) queries ERA-EDTA HQ - Guidelines
ERA-EDTA Fellowship Programme ERA-EDTA HQ - Fellowships
ERA-EDTA Research Programme ERA-EDTA HQ - Research
Information regarding the ERA-EDTA Registry ERA-EDTA Registry Office
Problems with NDT/CKJ Online Oxford University Press
Matters regarding article submission to NDT Editor-in-Chief, NDT 
Matters regarding article submission to CKJ Editor in Chief, CKJ
ERA-EDTA Committee for International Affairs (ComIA) ComIA Secretariat
Young Nephrologists’ Platform (YNP) YNP Secretariat


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