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New Long Term Fellowships

Staring from 2019, the ERA-EDTA Long Term Fellowships will be assigned to competitive research proposals by the ERA-EDTA Working Groups / Committees, with the aim to simultaneously finance the most worthy projects and to favor young researchers’ growth.

Current Call open from April 15 to May 8, 2019 at 14:00 CET -Central Europe Time-.

Please find below the Projects to apply for:

- The failing renal graft an ERA-EDTA initiated randomized trial (submitted by DESCARTES in collaboration with EUDIAL and IWG)

- Identification of prognostic factors for patients with ANCA associated vasculitis (submitted by IWG in collaboration with DESCARTES)

- Dietary intake and adherence to dietary recommendations in European dialysis patients: the diet-HD study (submitted by ERN)

- Concerted Action in Renal Osteosdystrophy (CAiRO) (submitted by CKD-MBD)

To submit your fellowship request you must fill in the form below (IMPORTANT: only ERA-EDTA Full members who are 40 or younger at the time of submission can apply).
and send it to: .

Long Term Fellowships Regulations: .

For queries: Sarah Rocchi, .

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