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Pioneers of the European Nephrology

Pioneers of the European Nephrology from ERA-EDTA on Vimeo.


A film by Gilberto Richiero and Giorgina Piccoli.
This film was made possible thanks to the support of ERA-EDTA and AMGEN EUROPE.

The ERA-EDTA Council decided some time ago to create a historical archive of the Association and of European Nephrology. This project includes a number of interviews to the Pioneers of Nephrology in Europe, done by Dr Giorgina Piccoli, a nephrologist and an artist, with the help of the film-maker and musician Gilberto Richiero.

From the filmed material (over 50 hours of interviews) Giorgina Piccoli and Gilberto Richiero have created a movie, with original music by Gil Richiero performed by more than 300 artists. ERA-EDTA was proud to show this movie at the Opening Ceremony of the 49th ERA-EDTA congress, and is now happy to present it here.

The complete interviews will be available in this website in the coming months. 

A book of photographs and quotes, companion of the film, was distributed at the Opening Ceremony of the 49th ERA-EDTA congress, in Paris, and further complimentary copies of it will also be available at the 50th ERA-EDTA congress in Istanbul.

The ERA-EDTA Council thanks Pierre Ronco for suggesting and following this project. 

Album Portraits of Pioneers

Album Opening Ceremony

Interviews with the Masters of Nephrology

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