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November 30, 2017/Do we have the right tools, but the wrong language?
A study in the current issue of ckj shows that information material on transplantation, even on the most popular websites, is too complicated and cannot be understood by the target group: the patients.

October 30, 2017/Kidney Transplantation versus Dialysis
A study in the current issue of ckj shows: 5-year mortality risk of transplanted patients is about 47% lower than that of patients on the waiting list!

October 24, 2017/Peritoneal dialysis linked to lower risk of stroke?
Findings of the Scottish Renal Registry and the Scottish Stroke Care

September 28, 2017/High Prevalence of Cardiovascular Pathology in Children on Dialysis
Final Report of the 4C study shows alarming results

August 22, 2017/A Plea for Prevention
“Improvement in Primary Prevention of CKD would lead to a massive reduction of healthcare cost”

August 7, 2017/Kidney transplantation saves a lot
… from patients’ quality of live to health care expenses

July 20, 2017/Bone biopsy is not at all outdated!
EU-ROD Position paper highlights bone biopsy as a useful tool in the diagnostic workup of CKD-MBD

July 18, 2017/Mediterranean Diet for CKD patients?
Generally, yes, but there might be some pitfalls

July 10, 2017/ERA-EDTA and the Japanese Society of Nephrology join
forces to combat common disorder in kidney patients

July 7, 2017/EURODOPPS Publication shows:
Reaching guideline targets is not a matter of healthcare expenditure and nephrologist workforce!

June 30, 2017
/2017 KDIGO CKD-MBD Guideline Update
It´s important to keep all laboratory parameters in view!

June 2, 2017/Opening of the 54th Congress of the ERA-EDTA in Madrid

June 1, 2017/ Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)
A Challenge for European Healthcare Systems

April 4, 2017/Hypertension in Dialysis Patients
Joint Consensus Document by EURECA-m and ESH

March 23, 2017/Survival of Children receiving dialysis varies widely across Europe
Survival rates are related to public health expenditure and number of paediatric nephrologists

March 1, 2017/Obesity leads to chronic kidney disease
World Kidney Day highlights obesity as a CKD risk factor

February 17, 2017/How “safe” is it to donate a kidney?
A position paper by the ERA-EDTA DESCARTES working group

February 1, 2017/DESCARTES and ERBP publication was top-read paper in the “Transplant Library” 2016!

December 5, 2016/Phosphate – a “driver” of mortality in kidney patients

November 2, 2016/New Guideline on Management of Older Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

September 22 2016/“RUN for KIDNEYS” raised more than 4,500 EUR for Médecins Sans Frontières

July 15 2016/New proteome-based marker classifies CKD progression at early stage!

June 16 2016/Dutch health insurance companies contribute to the Portable Artificial Kidney

June 01 2016/ASN, ERA-EDTA and ISN Declaration of Collaboration

May 24 2016/High sodium intake increases cardiovascular disease events in patients with chronic kidney disease

May 22, 2016/Late Breaking Clinical Trials

May 22, 2016/Baby Dialysis Machine Revisited: CAREPEDIEM decreases mortality rate by 50 percent!

22 May, 2016/Specific renal nutrition guidelines are needed to prevent sarcopenia and frailty in dialysis patients

22 May, 2016/Lifetime risk of kidney failure is 0.5% to 1.5% in Europe

21 May 2016/CKD patients do benefit from an intensive blood pressure control!

19 May 2016/Have your kidney function checked before starting a protein shake diet!

19 May 2016/Nephrology in Austria is a model to be emulated Europe-wide

9 February 2016/ERA-EDTA recommendation on the use of tolvaptan in polycystic kidney disease

January 7, 2016/Mid-Atlantic Renal Coalition Finds Peer Mentoring Reduces Missed Treatments

4 January 2016/Prevalence of Chronic Kidney Disease varies a lot across Europe!

16 October 2015/Push the Altmetric Score of your NDT or CKJ paper!

29 September 2015/'Onconephrology' as a new category in the Clinical Kidney Journal (CKJ)

28 August 2015/High concentrations of phosphate are associated with retinopathy and death

29 July 2015/Special NDT Issue on Incident and Early CKD in Patients with Diabetes

24 June 2015 /Strategies on How to Ensure Affordable, High-Quality Renal Replacement Therapy (RRT) in the Future

23 June 2015 /New entity described in CKJ: Heroin Crystal Nephropathy

18 June 2015/More than just ‘kidney lab values’: renal parameters are strong indicators of cardiovascular health

16 June 2015/EURODOPPS Winners Have Been Announced

29 May 2015/LATE-BREAKING CLINICAL TRIALS: Results at a glance

28 May 2015/Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring (ABPM) in Dialysis Patients?

28 May 2015/Alarmingly High Incidence of Renal Replacement Therapy in Belgium, Greece and Portugal

28 May 2015/First Guideline on Management of Patients with Diabetes and Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

27 May 2015/Survival Rate of Dialysis Patients Has Improved

26 May 2015/Chronic Kidney Disease – a Challenge for European Healthcare Systems

22 April 2015/Landmark paper on IgA nephropathy – new findings may lead to novel therapeutic approaches

13 April 2015/Peritoneal Ultrafiltration Effective in End-Stage Chronic Heart Disease

23 March 2015/NDT Highlights in March: Prescription of inappropriate medications to elderly hemodialysis patients/ Results of the German CKD study

25 February 2015/Starting up Kidney Registries in Africa – Workshop in Cape Town

18 February 2015/The Worrying Rise of Chronic Kidney Disease due to "Diabesity"/ To the Dossier of the “Diabesity” Working Group

4 February 2015/Neighborhood as a Risk Factor for CKD

2 February 2015/Circulating Sclerostin: A New Parameter of Cardiovascular Risk in CKD-Patients

22 January 2015/What can be learnt from the WHO Report? Take action against kidney disease!

14 January 2015/Should a more frequent dialysis schedule be applied?

19 November 2014/CKJ has started a review series on CKD hotspots around the world: where, why and what lessons can be learned

22 October 2014/ NDT Study shows: Urinary Proteome Analysis Refines Diagnosis of Renal Dysfunction

25 September 2014/NDT Study shows: 34% of English Dialysis Patients are Referred late, 67% of them have to be treated as an Emergency!

4 August 2014/NDT Study shows: Infant Mortality Rate for Babies of on-Dialysis Mothers is high

3 June 2014/ A 30% GFR decline may be sufficiently large to signal chronic kidney disease progression

30 May 2014/EURODOPPS, a joint venture of ERA-EDTA and Arbor Research, is born!

23 May 2014/ERA-EDTA announces a successful collaboration with The Lancet

20 March 2014/ERA-EDTA Congress: An annual Highlight for the „Nephrology Community“

7 March 2014/World Kidney Day 2014 highlights chronic kidney disease and ageing

4 March 2014/Guidelines on Hyponatraemia have been published

28 February 2014/Beta-blockade: A fundamental intervention in hypertensive haemodialysis patient

10 January 2014/ERA-EDTA announces a collaboration with the European Society of Pediatric Nephrology (ESPN)

7 January 2014/ ERA-EDTA mourns the death of Prof. Stanley Shaldon

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