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The ERA-EDTA Research Programme was created to contribute to the establishment of high level European networks of Research including TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH PROJECTS and CLINICAL RESEARCH PROJECTS. To receive more information about this program you can click here: Research Programme Rules.
The last Research Programme Call was closed on July 9th, 2014 at midnight CET -Central Europe Time- and the topic was: "BIOMARKERS OF CKD”.
The pre-proposal evaluation process was concluded in October 2014: only 6 applicants passed the first phase of the selection and they then submitted their final proposals.
During the 2015 Spring Council Meeting of Lyon, also the Call 2nd evaluation phase was concluded (this also included evaluation by external reviewers) and one project granted:
Genetic modifiers predisposing to CKD in Alport and thin basement
membrane nephropathy
Let's find out why some Alport patients do better than others (COL4Alport)
Project submitted by: Prof. CONSTANTINOS DELTAS
Project length of time: 36 months
Requested budget: 300.000,00 EUR
Assigned budget: 300.000,00 EUR

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