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ERA-EDTA Scientific Advisory Board

By decision of the Council a Scientific Advisory Board of ERA-EDTA was created with the following purposes:

  • To enhance the integration of existing kidney research in Europe into the ERA-EDTA in order to advance all fields of nephrology;
  • To explore ways to promote translational research in nephrology by strengthening the collaboration between basic and clinical scientists;
  • To explore avenues of collaboration with existing research bodies;
  • To identify potential research collaborations in fields related to nephrology (e.g. hypertension, diabetes, kidney cancer, nephrolithiasis, transplant immunology);
  • To explore additional funding possibilities for research at the European level. 

Zoccali, Carmine (Italy) - SAB Chair
Anders, Hans-Joachim (Germany) - SAB Secretary-Coordinator
Fliser, Danilo (Germany) - Renal Science Chair / Chair of the Paper Selection Committee
Massy, Ziad (France) - Clinical Nephrology Governace Chair

Wagner, Carsten Alexander (Switzerland) - SAB Co-Chair    
Bruchfeld, Annette (Sweden)
Capasso, Giovambattista (Italy)
Evenepoel, Pieter (Belgium)
Malyszko, Jolanta (Poland)
Mann, Johannes F.E. (Germany)
Ong, Albert (United kingdom)
Romagnani, Paola (Italy) 
Sarafidis, Pantelis (Greece)
Sever, Mehmet Sukru (Turkey)
Turkmen, Kultigin (Turkey)
Unwin, Robert J. (United kingdom)
Verhaar, Marianne (The Netherlands)

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