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To encourage young nephrologists to submit abstracts to the ERA-EDTA congresses and to publish in ERA-EDTA affiliated journals (NDT, CKJ), a merit-based free-membership program was accepted by the ERA-EDTA Council in 2013. There are two tracks: the first is based on abstracts accepted at an ERA-EDTA congress; the second requires an original or review publication accepted in NDT or CKJ in the current or past year. In the paper-based track, no more than 20 free memberships will be offered annually to first or last young authors.


The applicant must send a pdf copy of the paper to the YNP ( In the congress based free membership program, 30 maximum free memberships will be given annually, based on the quality score of the abstract. For both of these programs, applicants must be ERA-EDTA as well as YNP members, the free membership can only be earned twice and, finally, free members receive free access to NDT and CKJ online. This free membership cannot be given to eligible winners who have already received a free membership by ERA-EDTA under another program for the current year.


Free Membership Project - Program Rules

Free Membership Project - Awardees 2018

Free membership Project - Awardees 2017

Free membership Project - Awardees 2016

Free membership Project - Awardees 2015

Free Membership Project - Awardees 2014


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