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Z. Serhan Tuglular

What I would hope to achieve as an Ordinary Council Member
My aim will be, to increase the existing collaboration between members of our society from different countries in educational and research areas. Earthquakes and changing climate conditions require special attention to Renal Disaster. I would like to participate and increase ERA-EDTA’s activities on this area. Socio-economic situation is not uniform even through Europe. Especially with increasing migration and increasing density of low middle-income populations, combining efforts to find new logistic and social solutions becomes more important. Finally, ERA-EDTA Ordinary Council member announcement emphasized and encouraged Women candidates’ application, which inspired and enthusiastically encouraged me to take part and contribute my knowledge, energy and enthusiasm to European Community of Nephrology. I Feel very privileged to be able to apply for ordinary membership of ERA-EDTA Council.
Full Name Prof Z. Serhan Tuglular
Nationality Turkey
Education Istanbul University Medical School 1979- 1985; Internal Medicine Marmara University 1992- 1996 - Istanbul; Nephrology MU 1997- 2000 - Istanbul.
Career Dr, Resident ;Dept Internal Medicine, Medical School,Marmara University 1992-1996; Specialist
Nephrology fellowship, Div. Nephrology Medical School, MU 1997- 2000; Ass. Assoc. Prof
Div. Nephrology Medical School,MU 2000- 2004; Assoc Professor Div. Nephrology Medical School, MU; 2004- 2009 Professor Div.Nephrology Medical School, MU
2010- present
Accomplishments I started Transplantation ward in my Hospital , organized 8 educat. meetings in Istanbul in the fields of General Nephrology, Transplan & Dialysis between 2015-2018. Coordinated educational program of Intern. Medicine & Nephrology for undergraduate Medical Students, introduced the new integrated educational method. I have been the coordinator of the Nephrology residency program.
Publications (peer reviewed publications, first or senior author)
- 5 most important
1-Tuglular S, et al. A Retrospective analysis for aetiology and clinical findings of 297 amyloidosis
cases in Turkey. NDT, 17,2003-2005, 2002 2- Tuglular S, et al.Polymorphisms of the tumor necrosis factor a gene at position –308 and TNFd micdosatellite in primary IgA nephropathy. NDT:
18,724-731, 2003 3- Fatigue in systemic lupus erythematosus : Association with disease activity,
quality of life and psychosocial factors. Yilmaz-Oner S,.. Tuglular S, Direskeneli H. Z Rheumatol.
2017 Dec;76(10):913-919. 4- Akbas T..Tuglular S. RRT in the ICU: comparison of clinical features
and outcomes of patients with AKI and dialysis-dependent ESRD Clin Exp Nephrol. 2015
Awards ISN fellowship Sep 1998 – 1999: St Etienne University Hospital NDT Nephrology and
Transplantation Lab. June 1999-1999 ERA-ADTA Congress Participation Award :Tuglular S et al:
-308 Polymorphism of TNFa: A possible new prognostic marker for IgA Nepfropathy (IgAN) 36.
Congress of the European Renal Association/European Dialysis and Transplant Association,1999,
Madrid,July 2000- 2000 ERA-EDTA Congress Participation Award :Tuglular S et al: Polymorphisms
of TGFb in IgAN. 37. Congress of the ERA-EDTA 2000, Nice, Sep 2003: TSN Oral Presentation
Second Best Award :Gogas Yavuz D, Tuglular S, et al: ACE inhibition & CCB in rats corrects cyc.
induced glucose intolerans 20.Turkish Nephrology Hypertension Dialysis and Tx Congress 2003,
Contributions to the ERA-EDTA
and/or to national/ international nephrology
An active member of TSN and a member of Turkish Renal Disaster Task Force since 1999, was
appointed as the chair since 2018. We organized about 50 courses in Istanbul, and other cities in
Turkey. A member of Transplant work-group and of Turkish APKD study group. I have been the
Chair of the Istanbul Branch of TSN from 2015-2017. I have been a member of ERA-EDTA since
Other I am Fluent in Turkish, English and French.


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