Quick View. Biohome Standard Media Aquarium bio Filter Media. Flexion’s Aquarium Canister Filter Media is a black and white mix of bio ball ceramic rings, activated carbon, and textures spheres that come housed in a nylon mesh bag. This is a 100% natural, organic and non-metallic substance that gets heated to extreme temperatures in order to create what we know as ceramic. The basic concept of the ceramic ring is to is to "even" the flow of the water and trap larger dirt. First thing first, let’s dispel the notion that ceramic is “fragile” by mentioning its technical name – titanium carbide. litigator666 114 litigator666 114 Titanium Member; Forum Member; 114 2,682 posts; Location: slacks creek Report post; Posted November 20, 2014.I saw a post earlier from the "BIOHOME… If you are interested, PM Vinz to discuss the technical details. Membership on AQ is FREE. It can be used with freshwater, saltwater, and reef tanks. See this here. Only 4 left in stock - order soon. He does a wick test at 6.10 on the second link and you can see how quickly it absorbs! Sure they can live on the ceramic media too, but there's just no point. Put either in an AC 70 and it will build a giant biofilter. My nitrates are at 0 though because my tank is heavily overplanted because of me overstocking the tank. Biohome Ultimate er konstrueret på en måde , som gør at det er langt mere porøst end andre filtermaterialer. You can check out the extreme porosity of the Ultimate yourself by touching just the tip of a piece media to the surface of some water. from Monday 20th Aug 2012. Lv 4. Ceramic makes for a modern, alternative to traditional ring metals. I purchased mine here in California from GreatWave Engineering who is a U.S. distributor for Pond Guru. I understand it as follows, biohome, biohome plus with nutrient additive,redish in color,and biohome ULTRA which is grey in color and about 3/4-1 inch in dia and of … Add to Wishlist. Lava rock is okaysh in my opinion but if money isn't problem I would go with eheim substrate Pro. I am a huge fan of PondGuru and based on the reviews, this stuff can't be beat. Activated Carbon, it's pros & cons as a filter media. This should encourage more views and interaction. biohome ; marinepure; Recommended Posts. Imagine a media made from … It is essentially the Mini Ultra with added trace elements to increase bacteria performance and has a porosity of over 50%. ! ABOUT BIOHOME Biohome is known as a 'SINTERED GLASS' media as it is mostly constructed from special sand. I've been using Bio-Home Ultimate in 4 of my 5 tanks for almost 6 months. I wouldn't say it's really a matter or more harm than good, as much as it is a risk vs. reward. Source(s): www.lakemalawi.co.uk. I got past the Biohome Ultimate vs Seachem Matirx debate on my first order by just going with the option that allowed me free shipping (I hate paying shipping costs). Hi, I am using biohome filter media in a canister filter. I saw the username but I thought it was just someone copying yours. difference between biohome and ceramic rings, http://www.reinbiotech.com/biohome/biohome.jsp, http://www.aqua-bio.com/en/biohome/benefits.html. I put an extra piece of fine filter floss at the top just to filter out any particles that the first fine filter floss missed. the massive surface area means that this media is suitable for overhead filters, trickle towers / bakki showers, external filters and can be used used in existing aquarium filters in place of old media to improve biological action and efficiency . In my HOB's I just stuff a few pieces into the water reservoir and in my canisters, I have multiple trays of Bio-Home Ultimate. Biohome Ultimate er et nyskabende og revolutionerende filtermateriale. Amazon.com : Biohome Ultimate Filter Media (2 LB) : Pet Supplies ... MarineLand Ceramic Filter Rings 140 Count, Supports Biological aquarium Filtration, Fits C-Series And Magniflow, 140 rings (PA11484) Aqua-Flo 12" Pond & Aquarium Filter Media, 72" (6 Feet) Long x 1" Thick (Green/White) Biohome Maxi Media, Premium Large Size Media for Aquarium . 50%. No, but I can tell you the best media is Seachem Matrix and eheim substrat pro is #2. you read and agreed to the, Correct Media Placement in Your Filter (demonstrated on a Top Fin 10 Power Filter). Ceramic rings (which are exactly the same) would have cost you about $9-10 bucks. or do i need to buy those black little plastic balls? It takes time and money to keep ThinkFish going, so if you'd like to help, then a Subscription of your choice would be fantastic. Can i take my filter media out of my Rite size C cartrige and put it in ano... Can I put 2 female bettas in a 5 gal tank with a filter. Get it as soon as Tue, Jun 2. The only time I use ceramic rings is when there are some nooks and crannies I can't get BioHome Ultimate into. BIOHOME vs MARINEPURE. Is having ceramic rings, biohome or any sort of media that promotes growth of nitrifying bacteria truly necessary in our filter? AQ members), AQ can automatically read your RSS feeds and post your new blog entries as AQ threads. I put an extra piece of fine filter floss at the top just to filter out any particles that the first fine filter floss missed. Biohome is known as a 'SINTERED GLASS' media as it is mostly constructed from special sand. Something that Richard aka Pond Guru from Tynevalley aquatics has marketed as being the very best media. Anyone ever heard of Biohome Ultimate filter media, or tried it, I am planning on purchasing some in very near future, to put in a new Aqua clear 70, with ceramic rings i already have. Quick View. BIOHOME vs MARINEPURE Twitter; Facebook; Sign in to follow this . And Pondguru is the best at explaining stuff. Take em back if you can. Fluval Biomax Filter Media. My Nitrates range between 10-20ppm which is low considering my tanks are artificially planted. CR does have a good "surface" area for bacteria to colonize. All your beneficial bacteria reside within and on the rock. 4 years ago. I have been wondering since nitrifying bacteria ain't really picky on where it will settle and spawn, won't we have enough surface area in our tank (driftwood, substrate, glass wall etc) for these useful bacteria to settle down and grow? AQ will of course preserve the links back to your blog. Biohome media is only good if the surface is not clogged. If you do, and you would like to get more interaction with aquarium hobbyists (i.e. I have used the Fluval 406 as the example (as I own it) but this could apply to other external filters. Add to Wishlist. But BioHome works wonders in a tank. All my filters, whether canisters or AC's have one of those two or a mix. Bacteria growth in Ultimate Marine is very fast to control ammonia and nitrite. BIOHOME ULTRA FILTER MEDIA. $5.52 $ 5. It should be full and as "Safes aquarium" has stated, the sponges, floss, ceramic rings should be in the lower trays. BioHome ultimate is because it supports both aerobic and Aneorobic bacteria. I d... Can i use pea gravel for my pond filter media? it is produced by a company specialising in … the biohome ultimate is perfect for external filters of all sizes – 1kg = approx. The 3D shape with the highest surface area per volume is a sphere. 0 0. mitjans . biohome media is used extensively in asia by keepers of arowana and koi but is still relatively unknown in europe with most fishkeepers still choosing to use old ceramic rings which have a vastly reduced surface area compared to this media. You can control what gets published to AQ by using categories/labels/tags, so no need to worry that non-aquarium related posts gets here. Something worth remembering about seachem over other ceramic balls etc is that each litre of seachem gives you 170 sq ft of surface for biological filteration compared to the same job being performed by 40 litres of the ceramic stuff. Biohome Ultimate Marine is infused with trace elements including iron and manganese to support beneficial bacteria growth. Can I put ceramic rings and bio balls in my filter? Yeah it's me..I'm still around..and hey Gee mom...I order my Bio - Home from great wave also..best stuff ever...glad to hear from you all...and know you doing good..Happy Fish keeping.. Member. Welcome to Think fish tropical fish forums! … Matrix only supports aerobic bacteria. now I'm somewhat confused with the whole biohome product selection. If you have not already done so, register and join our community of Aquarium addicts. It's a no brainer. We hope you have found AQ to be useful and informative. The last link shows Matrix on a wick test and it does a very poor job! Learn it now or learn it the hard way. How much media can I safely remove at once from my filter? Good luck with what ever you choose. This keep the large stuff below the cannister to avoid clogging the biohome. Biohome Ultimate - Nitrate removing filter media; Become a ThinkFish Super Subscriber . I have waited a long time to finally use Biohome media in my aquariums! Bio-Home should be in the upper trays. Do not need to change these rings after used. PetLifeEliteR CeramicLiveBioRings20TM has area 1,880 m2 per liter more than 18 times the ability to cultvate nitrifying bateria than general ceramic ring. I would however recommend upgrading from the supplied cheaper looking ceramic rings to Fluvals Biomax ceramic rings or even better, Seachem matrix as that can also support nitrate eating bacteria unlike ceramic media which cannot. :D I have to choose between buying 1 litre or 1 kilo of bio rings so I wondered which was better value for money! Directions : Product ready to use. You can check out the extreme porosity of the Ultimate Marine yourself by touching just the tip of a piece media to the surface of some water. Didn't know it was you. You’ve likely heard about ceramic being used for things such as spark plugs, floor tiles, coffee mugs, electrical parts, and others. Eh, yeah that is a ridiculous amount of money for what you got. Now that I need to make the decision again I want to try to figure out if Biohome Ultimate is worth the premium. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Seachem Matrix. I have 2AC 70's; one has Matrix , the other substrat pro. Aug 5, 2019. appcontrol. Indefinite BAN of Shrimp Sales on AQ w.e.f. Check out some of the videos on YouTube that compares Bio-Home Ultimate to other Bio-media. I bought a cheap HOB SF-30... Can a male guppy and a female molly have babies, ive heard r... Hi, i am looking to try biohome ultimate, but i c. Can you put filter media directly into the tank? This will appear once only per visit to AQ. Top Fin® Filter Cartridge /fish/filters-and- pumps/filter-media /top-fi. The next biological media i have heard good things about is Biohome Ultra mini. Matrix has 30% surface area while BioHome ultimate is over 40% surface area. biohome mini ultra and ultimate have been made to my specifcations to allow me to bring you the best possible filter media. It's hard to get matrix into the smaller AC's, the 70 and 110 take it well, though. Risque, yes you are correct regular ceramic rings with ultra only in one drawer though the bottom drawer contains about 300 mixed size bio balls. This material is colonised much faster than 'CERAMIC' media which is made from clay. Biohome Ultimate Marine is essentially the Mini Ultra with added trace elements to increase bacteria performance and has a porosity of approx. Followers 2. Ceramic has many industrial applications. If AQ is down, go to our Facebook page for status updates. Lava rock is porous but those holes are big and get clogged up pretty easy. If you get blocked as a "spammer" while registering please come back to this page and read this post. I have been using Biohome Ultimate filter media for over a year now in the sump of my custom Discus display aquarium. Do not to washing the ceramic !!!! Do not need to wash it with water before use. How often should I change my filter media? We have decided to disallow the sales, giving and trading of shrimp through AQ from Monday, 20th Aug 2012 onwards until further notice. 1.2 cubic litres. Biohome ultimate is most suitable for canister filters, overhead filters, large HOB and small shower / trickle filters. Thanks - Asrar . My canister has 4 trays: If I use Lava Rocks, Do I have to use Substrate Pro as well for Ammonia/ Nitrite reduction? I have not lost a single fish. Dette gør at man får en væsentligt større overflade og derved en større filtreringsevne. It keeps my tanks crystal clear and it's rare that my water parameters are out of line. Do your research, To me Seachem Matrix cant hold a candle to BioHome Ultimate,,Ive using BioHome for 4yrs,,,And just recently ordered 2Kilos, since I found a supplier in the US, To give you an example...At one point I had 25 fish in my 10g fry/breeder tank with bio,,and my perrameters stayed excellent for 2-3 monthes,,Nitrates stayed 5-10ppm,,,THE POND GURU ROCKS, People use this media with their $1000 plus fish,,Koi and other species,,,Do the test with it in colored water against any other media and you will see how porus it is,,And then you be the judge.. Here are 2 pics of my tanks using it,,Have not lost a fish in three yrs.., I have an overstocked 25g and I've been using this media for about 2 years. Bio-Home Ultimate doesn't need to be packed tight in the tray. If you have already registered but have forgotten your user name and/or password, use the Password Recovery Form. Biohome Ultimate Filter Media, Aquarium bio Filter Media (Starter Balls 1OZ) 5.0 out of 5 stars 8. 52 $17.99 $17.99. Freshwater . It is porous and should behave like Substrate Pro or ceramic rings. And Pondguru is the best at explaining stuff. Seachem matrix is not the best filter media. The only time I use ceramic rings is when there are some nooks and crannies I can't get BioHome Ultimate into. you are buying 5kg (11lbs) new biohome ultimate filter media with free filter bacteria balls. 99. Bio-Home Ultimate is the best biological media on the market. $21.99 $ 21. Welcome to Aquatic Quotient! I like to have my media baskets filled just enough so I'm able to cover the baskets. I guarantee no good will come from them. This three-in-one kit is designed to maximize the surface area of your filtration system. I look back at this post..And think how far I've come with my 55g..Here it is today.along with my 37g...wow what a journey.. 90% Bio- Home Ultimate..and 10% Colbolt Ceramic Rings...The 55g has a hydor350..The 37g 2x HOB....Marineland200 & a aquaclear70.. Anyone ever heard of Biohome Ultimate filter media, or tried it, I am plann... By entering this site you declare Does adding used filter media immediately cycle a new tank? By litigator666, November 20, 2014 in General Aquarium Discussion. The trace elements are fused into the structure of this media and are there to enhance the bacterial processes. BioHome Ultimate (Bacteria Media) Any Other Media (please specify brand/type) PLEASE TAKE PART This could be a great learning exercise, especially for someone just setting up. BIOHOME ULTIMATE FILTER MEDIA. Anybody know how much these things weigh? Media like Matrix and ceramic rings have gobs of surface area that is tucked away inside the media that will, best case scenario get you a small population of denitrifying bacteria (Seachem actually advertises this as a benefit of Matrix) simply because not enough oxygenated water reaches the inside of the media to support nitrifying bacterial populations. Freshwater . I just started using the biohome ultimate. 4.8 out of 5 stars 1,054. available in 500g, 1kg, 3kg, 5kg … I like to have my media baskets filled just enough so I'm able to cover the baskets. media does not get any better than this! +1 if you have a good amount of live rock there's no need for ceramic media. I changed over to BIOHOME ULTIMATE about 2 months ago, 4 tray filter 1 with sponges the other 3 all biohome 6 kilos 2 in each, ammonia readings used to be 0.25 to .5 now 0 to 0.25 but my tap water is 0.25 so not much chance of a 0 reading, but do have a internal filter as well, no carbon in either filter, my water is crystal clear and all my fish look happy , 3kg, 5kg … Eh, yeah that is a U.S. distributor for Pond Guru from aquatics... Use pea gravel for my Pond filter media ; Become a ThinkFish Super Subscriber iron... Being the very best media is only good if the surface area of your filtration system though! Has area 1,880 m2 per liter more than 18 times the ability to cultvate nitrifying bateria than General ceramic is... Become a ThinkFish Super Subscriber preserve the links back to your blog biohome ultimate vs ceramic rings filter